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Here is what participants have said about my workshops:

  • "Illustrative, comprehensive, eye-opening, and most important, empowering. Up-to-date and relevant with regards to current developments. Ranges quite widely over the various taxation areas and guidelines applicable under S. 87 of Indian Act. Williams Case, etc. All questions were directly answered."

  • "Thank you for sharing your knowledge. I have learned a great deal and will now assert my rights more aggressively."

  • "Very good, lots of information."

  • “A great workshop, presented information in an assertive language that promotes the rights of Anishnabe people pursuant to Sections of the Indian Act Tax Exemption.”

  • “As First Nations we need to become more assertive and protective of our rights. A greater understanding will enable us to present a unified front on issues that affect us. I don’t think it’s for outside agencies to interpret our legislation.”-Leslie Zack-Caraballo, Garden River First Nation”

  • "Thanks for a very informative and interesting workshop.”

  • “We need more of these types of workshops. It would be good to have an organization that would address tax exempt issues.”

  • “This was a real eye-opener and a good refresher on information that is taken for granted. I will surely get in touch with you should I require assistance with any battles regarding tax exemption issues”

  • “Very Informative! Taxation Issues are very complex.”

  • "Empowering someone to utilize their inner strength and mental faculty is a great way to express and fight for your rights!”

  • “Excellent Job on the workshop.”

  • “I found the workshop very informative as we encounter many of the problems regarding taxation on a daily basis - some companies don't even take the status card any more unless accompanied by an additional letter from the band office” -Cecilia Pitawanakwa.”

  • “I liked the workshop. Its an important topic and probably doesn't get the attention it should, based on Revenue Canada's interpretations and implementation of tax issues.” -Caroline Barry

  • TOOTING MY OWN HORN: 100% of all participants rated my last spring workshop in Garden River very good to excellent- Bonnie Couchie




1. "Understanding and
Retaining our Rights:
Indian Tax Exemption"

March 11-12, 2010
Casino Rama, Orillia
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2. "Achieving Meaningful Consultation"
Casino Rama, Orillia
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3. "A kick in the 'but':
A youth empowerment workshop"

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